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The path to inner awareness beyond stress and tension

In today’s dynamic times, one is placed under constant stress and tension. This creates a danger of not being able to adapt to the changes that pour into his daily life, whether he wants them or not. This pressure of the “new age” will create highly adaptable people who manage to synchronize with the new dynamics and become leaders. But for others, the uncomfortable times will have a destructive effect on them and they will fall into despair and depression.

At first glance, these negative states are destructive and destructive to the personality, but on the other hand, they remain just that – a state of consciousness. One moment we are in one state, the next we are in another. To a large extent, this is determined by our conscious choice – how we want to feel, not how feelings provoke what state our consciousness is in. The main culprits for this are not something external, but our Mind and Ego. The reason for this is that in case of unawareness and lack of control over them, various “negative” states of consciousness may arise, and this may lead to divergence from the so-dreamed-of goal of most people – happiness.

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Create "your own Game"

It is quite normal for every human being to seek their own personal happiness and success. There is nothing selfish about that. How can anyone help others if he himself is not satisfied with his life? How could he set a positive example with his frustration? When we achieve personal success, we gain the opportunity to help others through the personal experience already achieved. For this reason, our attitude towards life is key.

What is life for us? Struggle? A race? If life is a struggle for us, we will struggle with difficulties all our lives. If it is a race, we will be competing and comparing ourselves with others all our lives. We also have another option, which no one gives us clearly, however – to accept life as a school and learn in the form of a game from which we can learn the lesson. Thus our life passes much more pleasantly and fruitfully. At the same time, we are developing and achieving success. If we suffer losses – so what? It’s still a game, right? We will often lose. But instead of taking losses dramatically, we can see them as a challenge to help us become more competent players. This is precisely the conscious choice, the opportunity to choose what state of consciousness to be in here and now.

We live in a competitive society. It’s like we’re playing some other game to boost our own sense of self-importance, even though we often don’t feel like playing at all. But thanks to society and social conditioning, we have built up some idea of ourselves. A notion that is very often completely wrong, but we keep playing this game just to keep convincing ourselves that we are who we think we are. Society imposes on us certain template models that do not fit completely, and sometimes do not fit at all with our soul, but we are obliged to accept them, only because we have no alternative.

In this way, our whole life is spent competing with illusory opponents and lying that we are the ones in control of a situation, when in fact we are playing someone else’s game, following someone else’s rules. We think of ourselves as kings and queens on the chessboard, when we are only interchangeable pawns in starting position. We don’t want to live well because we have no real idea of what “well” means to us. Our system of measuring success is competitive. We see what people around us have and we just want to have more of them to feel important, no matter what we actually need. Thus our life is filled with many unnecessary activities, unnecessary activities, objects, people and what not. Until we clear this “closet” of everything unnecessary, we cannot have free space to operate.

Only when we get off the chessboard and create our own game do we begin to make conscious decisions. In other words, to take control of our lives. As long as we operate on learned patterns that have been instilled in us from outside sources, we will get the same end results. All numbers multiplied by zero result in zero. The goal is not to be better than others or to have more than others, the goal is simply to be okay, by our own standards. To be fulfilled and happy. To feel satisfaction with the life we live and to enjoy every moment of it. We can also help all our loved ones to achieve the same result, each for himself, according to his own criteria. Everyone to play their own game. This is the attainment of “Wholeness”. When you stop clamoring for more and more and realize how much you have and start using everything you have strategically and consciously. Then your life starts to change, and you start to feel like you’ve woken up from a terrible nightmare.

The Path to Impeccability

The sense of inner “Completeness” is achieved by striving for Impeccability in our thoughts, words and actions. It is this striving for our own development that brings inner satisfaction, as opposed to competition. With her, there are either constant emotional dramas about not being good enough for ourselves and others, or if we emerge momentary winners of the competition, we’ll be waiting for someone to praise us for playing their game well. This, in itself, is an acknowledgment that we have been used and that we have allowed ourselves to be used, expecting praise to satisfy our own sense of accomplishment. The result is an emotional dependence on external approval. With Impeccability there is no praise or pat on the back. We simply know that we have given our best for our own well-being, which will subsequently reflect in the well-being of humanity.

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Impeccability is the result of Awareness and Awakening. Awareness is a higher level of understanding that goes beyond the obvious “truths” and facts known to us from external sources. It is an inner understanding resulting from lived experience. Mindfulness is a state of consciousness anchored in the present moment. Its function is to improve our own performance by constantly analyzing and accounting for the psycho-emotional equations and variables that are forming around us.

Acceptance as a method of self-development

To begin building ourselves up, we must first stop pointing fingers at others and instead turn inward to ourselves. Let’s not try to fool ourselves that we are sinless or that we “don’t care”. We must determine our goals, analyze our mistakes and find methods to transform them. The beginning of all these processes begins with acceptance. We cannot transform something we do not understand and accept. Rejection is an unwillingness to understand, a defense of our own position. Thus we commit ourselves to statics and put down roots in the past. Change happens in the present, not in the past. What we can take from it is analysis and experience from the experience to find out where we went wrong and not to make the same mistakes again. This is only possible if we admit to ourselves that we have made a mistake. The ability to accept and work with our weaknesses is, in fact, our strength, our resource, our inner map leading to our personal development and synchronization with the “new time”.

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Author: Lyubomir Nedev

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