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Program "Support for personal growth and empowerment of girls and women"

The main goal of the program "Support for personal growth and empowerment of girls and women" is to improve awareness in society and provide conditions for building and realizing the concepts of empowerment, personal happiness and development of girls (from 14 to 18 years old) and /or women, which various centers, community centers or schools can provide.

This program also reflects the need to counter gender-based violence by developing sustainable engagement and empowerment strategies to prevent violence and promote help-seeking and support.


In support of Andrea Kocinova and Bulgarian snowboarding

The "Dokova & Dokov for the Future" Foundation supports the Bulgarian snowboarder Andrea Kotsinova. Our team believes that talent, dedication and motivation should be encouraged, and when these qualities are applied in a constructive endeavor with national contribution, the results will not be late. That is why we are happy to stand behind the young hope of Bulgarian snowboarding. Andrea Kocinova is the winner of 8 gold and 3 silver medals. He started his professional activities in snowboarding at the age of 8, participating in a number of national and international competitions.



Small actions lead to big change. And can we achieve our big goal or contribute to its achievement with only 1 thing? We answer with YES!

More and more people are beginning to understand how serious and socially significant the problem of domestic violence is in our country, but few are those who take action because they believe they can change the situation.

Our #1Something campaign is dedicated to the prevention of various forms of domestic violence. Together we can fight for a world where there will be no violence against children, women and youth!

You can easily get involved by sharing on social media #1 Something you can do to increase awareness of the topic among your friends. What will it be?


Children's Center "Smiles for Ukraine" is already open

On May 10, 2022 in the city of Varna opened the first Children's Center "Smiles for Ukraine". It is the work of the foundation, and was created especially for the children of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Bulgaria from the war in their home country.

Smiles for Ukraine organizes free hourly classes for creativity and training, for psychological and emotional support. We work with groups of two ages - from 3 to 6 years and from 7 to 10 years.


The 'Dokova and Dokov Foundation for the Future' launched a partnership with the Horse Therapy Centre ‘Friends of Zita’ by adopting the horse Zita

We give our supporting hand to Zita the horse, and to the great cause that the therapy horses stand for. Horse-assisted therapy for children with special needs allows to combine the useful with the pleasant. Kids get the opportunity to develop their motor skills, posture and coordination while riding. Their emotional state and world-view is also significantly improved.


"Dokova and Dokov for the Future" Foundation organizes a campaign in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and refugees fleeing the war in their homeland

The campaign includes a series of donation actions aimed at providing essential products (food, medicine, hygiene supplies, etc.) for refugees arriving in Bulgaria, as well as providing free football training and activities at the newly opened "Smiles for Ukraine" children's center.

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