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About us

Dokova and Dokov
for future

We change destinies and make dreams come true

The Dokova and Dokov for Future Foundation was created as a result of a dream – the dream for a better future.

If happiness is a matter of personal choice, then our personal choice is to give. If we could make more people smile, more women and children live with dignity, more personalities develop, we would realize our dream – for a happier world.

The objective of the ‘Dokova and Dokov for Future Foundation’ is to draw attention to important issues and problems by openly and clearly making an effort to resolve them through the organization of various initiatives, supporting significant causes.

Ирина и Владимир Докови, "Фондация Докова и Доков за бъдеще"

Our aim

to give out kindness, to give hope.
to help those, who have lost their faith in good.

We support projects in three different areas

kids with special needs

Protection of disadvantaged children

We help children placed in specialized institutions; children with different abilities, children with special needs, children at risk, children who have experienced and witnessed violence.
protection from domestic violence

Prevention and protection from domestic violence

We protect women, victims of domestic violence directly, through various protection mechanisms, using the support of police, prosecution, court, other NGOs and institutions working in the field.
personal developmentcommunity integration

We support personal development and integration into society

By providing financial assistance to disadvantaged persons and public and state organisations, caring for such persons.

We carry out our public benefit activities by voluntarily and gratuitously contributing our own resources or funds have been provided to our organization to manage for the same purpose.

We, the Dokova and Dokov Foundation for the Future invest tangible and intangible resources without seeking immediate material benefits from solving a specific problem or from improving development opportunities for women and children at risk, women victims of domestic violence and their children.

The donation activity of the ‘Dokova and Dokov Foundation for the future’ is subordinated to the main mission of the Foundation. We strive to achieve the strategic goals set out in our programme and provide equal access to potential beneficiaries – all women victims of domestic violence and their children.


We thank our partners – public organizations and business companies that support the causes of the Dokova & Dokov for Future Foundation. Together we achieve a lot in a world that needs more goodness.

Donation Account

Bank: DSK Bank
IBAN: BG31STSA93000028622777

дарителска сметка

Банка: Банка ДСК
Получател: „Докова и Доков за бъдеще“
IBAN: BG31STSA93000028622777