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Dating abuse

Dating or early relationship abuse is a type of domestic violence that is characterized by a pattern of behavior by one participant that may include the exercise of control, pressure, and even physical violence.

A person can become a victim of this type of abuse regardless of their gender, age, race or sexual orientation. Therefore, when you are on a first date with a new person, it is good to pay attention to even the smallest signs that signal that something in his behavior is unacceptable.

When relationships between two people show beginnings of a pattern of controlling and/or abusive behavior on the part of one partner, the situation can only get worse over time.

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Signs to look out for

In this article, we will share some characteristic signs that distinguish the type of abuser during first dates or in the initial stage of the relationship in the first months. These signs can be both verbal (at the level of communication) and of an emotional, physical or technological nature.

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If your relationship shows one or more of the above signs, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s not an accident, but a pattern of abuse that will unfold as you get to know each other.

Also, you should not forget that this type of behavior of violently controlling one partner over the other is not something that happens unconsciously. Abusing someone is a conscious choice.

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