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Zhelyo Petkov Todorov was born in 2006 in the city of Varna. He is a student at the “Dobri Hristov” National School of Arts in his hometown from 2013 until now. The beginning of his musical education was under the guidance of Stanislava Stavreva, with whom he worked from 2012 to 2019. This is followed by a period of training with Boyan Bachvarov, before continuing his specialisation with Eng. Alexander Konstantinov from April 2021 until today.

Music should bring nobility, grace and beauty.

youthful determination and musical dedication

The creative development of the pianist Zhelio Todorov continues with complete success, thanks to his enormous work and the unwavering support of his teachers. Over the years, he established himself as one of the most promising young musicians of his generation, demonstrating exceptional talent and persistence in his pursuit of excellence.

laureate title

In 2016 in the city of Burgas he won a laureate title with first prize in the XXIII National Competition "Varban Varbanov" for the performance of a Bulgarian work.

International Piano Competition

In 2018 became laureate with second prize at the XII International Piano Competition "Craiova piano", Craiova, Romania.

"The Sound of Time"

He won the laureate title again with the second prize in the National Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition "The Sound of Time", Veliko Tarnovo.

The aspiration and musical passion of youth paint a path to a creative peak.

From the very beginning of his musical career, Jello showed an extraordinary devotion to the piano. Hours spent practicing and studying different musical styles are reflected in his ability to interpret works with deep understanding and technical sophistication. His passion for music is evident in every note he plays and in every composition he creates.

Gelo’s teachers play a key role in his artistic growth. They not only teach him the basic principles of the piano, but also encourage him to experiment and expand his musical horizons. With their help, he manages to overcome technical and interpretive challenges, which further enriches his talent.

As a result of his hard work, he became the holder of a number of certificates, diplomas and awards, which are a clear testimony to his talent, persistence and artistic mastery.

Each of these documents of success is a sign of recognition, but Jello always emphasizes that his greatest reward remains the opportunity to share his music with the world and touch the hearts of his listeners.

Certificates, diplomas, awards...

Certificates, diplomas, awards...


became a scholar and won a scholarship with allocated funds for the purchase of an object of a particularly large size, namely a “C.Bechstein” concert grand piano. The creative development of pianist Zhelio Todorov continues with complete success, thanks to his enormous work and the unwavering support of his teachers;

We from the “DOKOVA AND DOKOV FOR FUTURE” FOUNDATION and the “MIHALEVA FOR HOPE” FOUNDATION unite in our support for Zhelyo, because we believe that talent should not only be recognized, but also actively supported. Our commitment to this cause is expressed in the desire to create an environment where dreams do not remain only in the imagination, but become reality.

We focus our efforts on supporting the development of the personality, because we are convinced that every child should have the opportunity to grow up in an environment enriched with knowledge and skills that will help him successfully pass through the challenges of life.

Our belief in the success of Bulgarian children is unwavering and this is a cause to which we have dedicated ourselves. It is founded on the belief that any child, given the right resources, attention and encouragement, can reach for the stars. We don’t just believe in their ability to succeed – we’re dedicated to ensuring that success is accessible to all.

We support personality development and believe in the success of Bulgarian children, because they deserve it! They have talent and deserve to demonstrate it under the best conditions!

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Motivation and drive

Pianist Zhelyo Todorov is known for his exquisite technique and emotional performance, which would not have been possible without the influence and immeasurable support of his teachers over the years.
Alexander Konstantinov is his current teacher and mentor. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he was able to ignite the spark of talent in his student and turn it into a flame of musical mastery. Their work together exemplifies the true mentorship that transforms technical skills into an art that earns the admiration and love of listeners.

C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG

The name CARL BECHSTEIN is a culmination of unsurpassed contributions to intonation, acoustics and tone evolution, as well as the particular attention to detail in the manufacture of patent musical instruments dating back to the mid-19th century. until today.
The Bechstein Model A concert grand piano is handcrafted in Berlin, Germany, with wood aged for a minimum of 45 years. High-end piano, handmade in Germany. It is an instrument with a beautiful singing voice, designed for professionals and advanced pianists. A medium-sized but very powerful concert grand piano with over twenty thousand parts. the A 192 model is made to meet the requirements of music conservatories and demanding pianists.

At the moment, Zhelyo Todorov is participating in a master class of Victoria Vasilenko in the city of Sofia

He will also participate in a master class of the great Bulgarian pianist Ivan Donchev.

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