Get involved in the Down Syndrome Foundation's 'Colorful Challenge'

The “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation invites you to join the “Colorful Challenge” of the “Life with Down Syndrome” Foundation.

The latest video of the Foundation “Life with Down Syndrome” for the first time shows 21 families with children with Down syndrome from all over Bulgaria who share their successes, smiles and love for their children. March 21st is International Down Syndrome Day and all over the world people are wearing colorful socks in a show of support. Let’s all wear colorful socks for a cause on March 21st and share photos to show empathy and celebrate International Down Syndrome Day!

How to get involved in the Colorful Challenge?

  1. Wear colorful socks on March 21st!
  2. Take a picture with the socks or a video saying “I accept people with Down Syndrome”
  3. Share the photo on Facebook and/or Instagram by tagging #lifewithdown syndrome and tagging the profiles of the Life with Down Syndrome Foundation and the Dokova and Dokov for the Future Foundation

And why should you get involved?

Because the world is colorful, colorful and different, and everyone needs the same thing – love, understanding, good attitude, social contacts and integration in society. We invite you to be part of the change and let our difference unite us because together we are stronger!

More information about the Colorful Challenge and life with Down Syndrome can be found on Mikaela and Chris’ Vbox: Life with Down Syndrome and YouTube: Life with Down Syndrome channels. We from the “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation will wear patterned socks on March 21st, do it too.

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IBAN: BG31STSA93000028622777