Monthly initiative to support children with Down syndrome and their parents

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Initiative of the "Dokova & Dokov for Future" Foundation

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The “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation in partnership with the Life with Down Syndrome Foundation announces the launch of an exciting new initiative in the city of Varna. This project involves organising monthly support meetings at the Smiles Child Development Center designed to create community and support families and children with Down Syndrome.

“Every child deserves a place where they feel happy, understood and free to express themselves.”

Why are meetings useful for children with Down syndrome and their parents?

Children will have the opportunity to have fun and play in the specially equipped and colorful children’s corner, where they can create new friendships.
The center offers a variety of:

  • Psychological support;
  • Creative and educational activities;
  • Music therapy;
  • Adapted swimming.

For parents, this initiative offers more than peace of mind. Knowing that their children are in a place that supports and develops them gives them the opportunity to create a strong community. Parents will have the chance to meet and interact with other families who share similar experiences, exchange ideas and coping strategies, and receive professional support and guidance from psychologists and specialists. This creates a valuable support network that can help parents feel more confident and informed in their parenting role.

And all this in a stimulating and joyful environment!


The emotional and social impact of monthly meetings

These meetings provide an important space for parents to share their experiences and exchange experiences, not only within social networks but also face to face. For children, it’s a chance to participate in fun and educational activities that help their social and emotional development.

Where and how?

To learn more about our initiative and get involved in our community, we encourage anyone interested to visit our website. There you will find detailed information about upcoming events, details about our programs and services, and helpful resources for families and children with Down syndrome.

Having Down syndrome does not make you different from others. It makes you unique like everyone else.

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