"Smiles for Ukraine" children's center becomes "Smiles" child development center

We share today, for the holiday of all children – June 1, 2023, a piece of news for which we are preparing with great excitement.

Celebrating Children’s Day, the Smiles for Ukraine Children’s Center, created by the Dokova and Dokov for the Future Foundation, opens its doors as the Smiles Child Development Center and opens its space for play and development to all children with the cause of Smiles for every child’.

Center for child development “Usmivki” will work to help children at risk, children of migrant origin and children with special educational needs, offering a variety of educational, psychological and speech therapy activities, creative and musical workshops, yoga for children and Bulgarian language in games .

The idea to open the children’s center arose in the spring of 2022 to provide a safe space for refugee children from Ukraine. For more than a year, the children’s center has been functioning as a safe and secure place for children to communicate, reduce stress, improve their psychological state, develop their emotional intelligence and resilience.

From June 1, 2023, marking Children’s Day, the Children’s Center “Smiles for Ukraine” already welcomes children as the Center for Child Development “Smiles” and opens its space for play and development to all children.

The center’s team covers the spectrum of children’s general and specific needs. Classes are conducted by a primary teacher and drawing teacher, a primary Bulgarian language teacher, a child psychologist, a psychotherapist, a music therapist, a speech therapist and an animator for children with special educational needs.

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