We are proud to share the victories of the children from the Center for Child Development "Talents"

Darina Ivanova

Congratulations to our champion Darina Ivanova for her excellent performance at the “Millennium” chess tournament in the city of Sofia!
Darina is one of the talented children who are trained at the Center for Child Development “Talents” completely free of charge thanks to the support of the “Dokov and Dokov for the Future” Foundation.
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Gabriela Ivanova

Gabriela Ivanova grabbed a silver medal last week with her impressive performance at the Millennium Chess Tournament in Sofia!
We are grateful to Gabriela Ivanova for showing exceptional motivation during the competition.
Gabriela is one of the talented children who receive chess lessons completely free of charge at the “Talents” child development center thanks to the “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation. Because we support children on the way to the top!
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Elena Valchova

Elena Valchova from the Center for Child Development “Talents” with first place at the prestigious international competition “Piano Summer” in Germany. Her performance was truly stellar, showing exceptional talent.
We at the “Dokov and Dokov for the Future” Foundation are proud of Elena’s success and believe that it is a testament to the strength and hard work combined with her talent. Our commitment is to support and inspire children to reach new heights by providing learning and development opportunities.
Let’s make the world a better place together by supporting the talented children of Bulgaria. Follow us to be a part of our journey and witness countless more victories to come.

Hard work and talent go hand in hand to demonstrate how medals are won.

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