On Saturday (August 19), the first Mental Arithmetic Olympiad took place in the city of Varna - an initiative of Smartykids Children's Educational Centers!

One of the directions in which the “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation realizes positive change is the development of talent and personality. Our team tries to encourage children’s desire to develop their skills and acquire new knowledge!

That is why we are proud and happy of the opportunity to support the Smartykids event and to help more than 130 children from different parts of Bulgaria in this endeavor of theirs!

For this purpose, we managed to secure cash prizes worth BGN 200 for the Champions of each category in the Olympics. We believe that this award will stimulate them to continue on the path of their future development! In addition, we provided a one-time discount on the monthly subscription to the training centers for five of the children who took part in the Olympics. It is in the amount of BGN 100 and can be used in the Smartykids centers where the children are trained!

We congratulate the organizers for the successful first edition of the Olympics in the city of Varna, as well as all the children and their parents for their desire to study and develop, for their never-ending enthusiasm to accumulate and demonstrate their knowledge, to show talent, perseverance and hard work!

“The Foundation stands tirelessly behind causes in which it recognizes its values to build a world where goodness knows no boundaries!”

Ana Tineva – member of the Management Board

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