Bulgarian language course at the "Smiles for Ukraine" children's center

In the children’s center “Smiles for Ukraine” Bulgarian language courses are held for children from Ukraine. The course is organized for two age groups and is based on a special textbook provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR Bulgaria).

Our team includes professional philologist teachers. Learning the Bulgarian language is an excellent opportunity for a faster adaptation to life in the country for young emigrants, as well as for better assimilation of the learning material at school.

Our teachers Rumyana Doycheva and Stamena Hristova help children from 3 to 10 years old to learn the language through a special methodology based on fun games, songs and competitions. Children’s use of the Bulgarian language is not only related to the accumulation of grammar knowledge, but also to the ability to communicate confidently. We want children to feel confident, calm and happy in the new environment they are forced to live in. The use of the Bulgarian language is one of the main steps to make this possible. Along with words, children learn a lot about Bulgarian holidays and customs, Bulgarian history and reality.

The teaching materials we use in our work with children have basic guidelines on the issues of refugees, asylum, migration and statelessness. We have textbooks for all age groups – in primary, secondary, first and second stages of education. We make efforts to predispose children to communicate in Bulgarian with their peers or with a teacher. We avoid compulsory activities related to reading or writing, although children are encouraged to use these skills as well.

We focus on building social-emotional skills and facilitating peer relationships, acceptance of differences, adaptation. We believe that the efforts are worth it, because we see the smiles on the children’s faces after each Bulgarian language lesson.

Bulgarian language training at the Children’s Center “Smiles for Ukraine” is carried out with the support of UNICEF. This is our way of continuing the joint mission for more smiles and a better future for every child

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