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An injury ended the season for Andrea Kotsinova

After a serious accident while descending in the parallel slalom discipline at the World Junior Championships in Bansko, Andrea Kocinova ends the current snowboarding season.

The contestant has a broken humerus. During the incident, he also dislocated his shoulder, tore a bicep, tore a tendon and suffered a bone marrow effusion and hemorrhage.

Surgical intervention in this case will be inevitable, and until then and after that, Andrea is doing rehabilitation procedures 2 times a week. Fully restoring the arm and providing maximum loading functionality is a goal for Andrea, who is an incredible fighter. Despite the immobilized arm, the athlete attends conditioning training.

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Strength, fight and fortitude are what make a competitor a winner. Andrea is convinced that this is part of the road she must travel in order to realize her dreams at the right moment.

This year she made her serious request with the winning positions at the European Youth Festival in Italy. It was not by chance that she was chosen as the face of “Sofia – the European capital of sports” together with the 15-year-old table tennis player Ioan Velichkov.

The “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation stands behind Andrea and believes that this is just the beginning of a very strong sports career. We wish her a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. To fall is human. To stand up and win again sometimes takes an inhuman effort. But the one who can do it really deserves the medal!

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