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Center for child development "Talents"

Center for child development "Talents"

we develop the talent, we create the future

We are proud to announce our latest initiative: a project created with a lot of love for children. We are opening a Child Development Center “Talents”!
The center is dedicated to the support and development of young talents in the fields of chess, art and music and offering a unique opportunity to study under the guidance of highly qualified teachers and specialists.

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Mission and goals

Let's make dreams come true. To develop talents.
To create a future where every child finds their own path to success.

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Eng. Aleksander Konstantinov

Aleksander Konstantinov is a teacher with rich pedagogical experience, whose students regularly win medals and are laureates of numerous competitions, festivals and forums.

International assistant - chess coach, heir to the great school of the great master of sports Teodosi Konstantinov. Alex is also a music educator, he has participated in over 30 international master classes. He specializes in sound, instrumentation and acoustics.

Aleksander Konstantinov is committed to passing on his knowledge and passion to the children of the Talent Center through pedagogical experience and in-depth teaching of chess science and musical art.
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Development of skills and knowledge in the field of chess and music

Talent Center aims to provide children up to 16 years of age with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of chess and music in a supportive and stimulating environment.

We are starting with chess lessons in small groups and individual piano lessons, fully financed by the "Dokova and Dokov for the Future" Foundation. The individual approach to each student is important for us and for the development of talent, knowledge and motivation.

The trainings are in three-month modules and children who successfully passed the competition in March and April 2024 have the right to participate in them.


Center for child development “Talents” is equipped with unique C.Bachshein grand pianos, which gives the participants of the training the opportunity to touch high-class instruments. The privilege of playing C.Bachshein elevates the skills, performances and sound to a whole new level.


Sofia 1618, g.k. Buxton, 11 Youth Song St


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Фондация „Докова и Доков за бъдеще“ с финансовата подкрепа на Дирекция „Международни проекти“ към Министерството на вътрешните работи подпомогна над 600 украински деца и техните родители по проект HOME/2022/AMIF/AG/EMAS/TF1/BG/0009 „Подкрепа за първоначален прием на лица, разселени от Украйна“.

Сключеното споразумение е за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ от Дирекция „Международни проекти“ към Министерство на вътрешните работи, на стойност 62161.12 лв. и е финансирано от Европейския съюз.

Donation Account

Bank: DSK Bank
IBAN: BG31STSA93000028622777

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Банка: Банка ДСК
Получател: „Докова и Доков за бъдеще“
IBAN: BG31STSA93000028622777