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We are donating all the necessary funds for the purchase of Georges Nurijan's archive

At the end of May, we donated to the Cultural Revolution Foundation all the funds for the purchase from abroad of the archive of Georges Nurijan. With the publication and publication of the archive on the platform for free archives – www.svobodniarhivi.com, every Bulgarian will be able to learn the truth about us Bulgarians and about the role and importance of Bulgarians in the liberation struggles, as well as how much pain our ancestors experienced, for to be free today.

Who is Georges Nurijan and why is his archive important for Bulgarian history?

Georges Nurijan is a Bulgarian and Italian publicist, writer, philologist and literary critic of Armenian origin, author of over 3,600 articles and studies. His creativity, in addition to publications dedicated to current topics, includes works interpreting the Italian and Bulgarian literary and historical past, dramatic and prose works, compilation of dictionaries and grammars.

Georges Nurijan's archive

The archive consists of over 20 large bound folders with his personal articles, researches and letters both in the Bulgarian press and in the foreign press – Italian, German, French.

The folders have a format between 50 cm by 70 cm and 80 cm by 60 cm. In several of his folders all his correspondence with world scientists, writers, politicians, as well as with Bulgarian scientists, writers, politicians, etc. are bound. Tsar Ferdinand, Boris the Third, the revolutionary and politician Vanche Michaelov, the great Bulgarian journalist and politician Dimo Kazasov, the artists Boris Georgiev, Emilian Stanev, Elin Pelin, Andrey Nikolov (sculptor and author of the lion in front of the “Unknown Warrior” monument in Sofia) and many more others.

Very important for us Bulgarians are his studies, which are in two folders on the role and significance of the Bulgarian national liberation work and its connection with the Italian national liberation work. To this day, there is no official opinion from Bulgarian scientists about this irrevocable connection and the acquaintance of the titans of revolutionaries and politicians Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini with the world Bulgarian giants Georgi Rakovski, Captain Petkov Voevoda, Georgi Kapchev and Stefan Dunev.

In this archive, the research done by Nurizhan proves this connection, which gives even greater self-confidence for us Bulgarians as a people, but also friendly and warm relations between Bulgaria and Italy.

Another important archive of his unpublished personal research is his work on the “Macedonian Question” and the struggle of the Bulgarians in Macedonia against slavery by the Serbs and the Ottoman Empire (later the Republic of Turkey).

In the archive, there are bound several foreign newspapers from the Italian, French and German press, in which Georges Nurijan continuously published articles and defenses for the Bulgarian people and our national identity!

 The newspapers that are bound are only those in which he published articles in defense of Bulgaria and glorification of Bulgarian culture and history.

The newspaper “Svetoglas” is also very important, in which important political events and opinions related to Bulgaria and Europe by over 40 foreign authors are written, as well as articles related to the social and cultural life of Bulgaria.

The archive also contains a folder of philosophical reflections in the form of a book that has not been published before on the fate of the peoples of Europe.

Georges Nurijan’s archive also contains a folder with dedications from almost all Bulgarian writers, poets, artists, authors, some politicians and world scientists, authors and politicians to Georges Nurijan. Part of the dedications are one of the last autographs with a dedication from Ivan Vazov to Georges Nurizhan from 06.09.1921 – almost 2 weeks before the death of the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, Stoyan Mihailovski (creator of the Bulgarian national anthem), Alexander Balabanov (scientist and writer) , Andrey Nikolov (sculptor), Georgi Bakalov (scientist and politician), Asen Peykov (world-class sculptor), Geo Milev, Elisaveta Bagryana, Dora Gabe, Exarch Kiril, Elin Pelin, Zmey Goryanin, Todor Pavlov (politician and historian), Stoyan Ts. Daskalov, Nikolay Derezhavin (world-class Russian historian), Stoyan Pop Vasilev and others.

There are three unpublished poems by the great Geo Milev, in the years when they were students, to the archive with the letters of Georges Nurijan. The poems are even more unique because Geo Milev has “dressed” them in his drawings, which he created with his talent as a writer and artist.

Last but not least are all published books by Georges Nurijan in Bulgarian with his research on Bulgarian history, as well as his books from his personal library.

This national wealth is tied to our national security. The national security of a nation is synonymous with national identity. If a nation does not know its history, it is easily susceptible to any malicious manipulator who wishes to remove it.

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